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Dogo Sardesco Information

The Dogo Sardesco was developed in the villages of Sardinia as an all around working dog. This breed is an aggressive watchdog, protective of cattle, great herder and all around dedicated farm dog.

The breed is so protected by those who own them, they tend to refuse sales to strangers. The breeds used to develop the Dogo Sardesco are unknown, however it is believed that the ancestry is similar to the Neapolitan Mastiff and Cane Corso.

The Dogo Sardesco is rarely over 24 inches in height, but there are no set size limits for the breed so a great variety of sizes is seen. Their coat is short and smooth and color can be red, gray, black or brindle. They appear similar to the Cane Corso with a longer muzzle and tighter skin. Their ears are usually cropped or completely removed. Tails are sometimes docked.

This is a very rare breed, however it has already found itself on breed banning lists due to the aggressive nature.

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