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Wire Fox Terrier Breeders
Our breeder directory is a free listing for breeders who meet our criteria. The majority of listings are 100% free provided that the breeder adds a link back to us from their website. Other listings, such as those with photos or additional text, are placed for a small yearly fee. If you're a breeder and would like to add your name to the directory, please Submit YourListing today!

Birchhurst Kennels

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Hallmark Wire Fox Terriers

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Foxchase Wire Fox Terriers

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Birchhurst Kennels Indiana

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New York

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Cedarbriar Kennels

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Briarlea Wire Fox Terriers

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Rushinon Wire Fox Terriers
I am a small kennel dedicated to the preservation of keeping the Standard with quality. I have imported bloodlines from some of the finest European Kennels in the World. I searched for a 1 1/2 years researching pedigrees, until I finally found the foundation Bitch of my dreams. Her pedigree has 90% champions with both American and European bloodlines. Maggie is all natural, thick coat, cobby and a beautiful bottom. I strive to breed true correct dogs with no genetic health problems.
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Wyrelee Kennels
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Foxfyre Wires

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View This Breeders Website
Jagwyre Kennel
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Tripwire Kennels

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Chapeau Terriers
Fox Terrier Wire and Kerry Blue Terrier breeders. Chapeau Terriers.
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