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Tibetan Kyi-Apso Information

Traditionally used by nomads for guarding livestock and for personal protection, these large, playful dogs are recognized by their long, full coats, fully curled tails and "bearded" faces. In Tibetan, "kyi" means dog, and "apso" means bearded.

In its homeland the Kyi Apso is used as to guard houses, temples and as herd protection dogs. Accordingly it is an independent, watchful and lively dog, which needs consistent education and a sufficient task. In the hand of an experienced owner it develops to a pleasant and loyal family member.

The Kyi-Apso has a distinctive long coat Although the dog obtains Its name from this characteristic, coat length should never approach the length of the Lhasa Apso or Tibetan Terrier. Kyi-Apsos must have a weather resistant double coat. The is long and full and is firm in texture. The under exceedingly soft and dense. Its length and amount varies’ season and geographic region. Color is usually black or black with a white chest spot are the most common in Tibet, but golden, white and chocolate are also found in Tibet and are equally acceptable.

They are an energetic dog that enjoys running and activity. When confined the dog will be patient for long periods. The Kyi-Apso is exceptionally intelligent showing a natural tendency for problem solving. It identifies closely with its family and territory and announces visitors with its distinctive, deep throated bark

Females should be 22 to 26 inches and weigh less than 70 pounds. Males should be 23 to 28 inches tall and weigh less than 85 pounds.

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Tibetan Kyi-Apso Breeders
Tibetan Kyi-Apso Profile

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