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All Breed Rescue Groups
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  • Alaska
  • Arizona
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  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
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  • Hawaii
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  • If you have a rescue group that you would like to be listed in our directory, please Add Your Rescue Group Listing today! All rescue groups are given 100% free listings, always-regardless of the amount of breeds you help or the number of states you are active in.

    We do accept rescue groups for mixed breeds/designer dogs, purebred dogs, senior dogs, etc.

    Rescue something other than dogs? That's fine too! We will list rescues for any other animal in need, free of charge!

    Alabama Small Dog Rescue
    West Alabama Animal Rescue
    West Alabama Friends of Animal Rescue

    Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue

    Arizona Rescue
    Arizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
    Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA
    Foothills Animal Rescue
    Animal Kingdom Rescue
    Halo Animal Rescue
    United Animal Friends (UAF)

    Humane SOciety of Marion County
    Arkansas Southern Dog Rescue
    NWA Animal Rescue
    Last Chance Arkansas
    Fuzzy Hearts Animal Rescue (small breeds only)

    Smiley Dog Rescue
    California Animal Rescue
    All Breed Rescue
    Pacific Coast Dog Rescue
    Small Dog Rescue
    Much Love Animal Rescue
    Pooch Heaven
    NARF Animal Rescue
    The Brittany Foundation
    The Paw'd Squad
    Furry Friends Rescue
    Wonder Dog Rescue
    Dobie Rescue and Little Paws

    Colorado Animal Rescue
    Colorado Animal Rescue Effort
    Colorado Puppy Rescue
    Animal Rescue Foundation of Colorado
    9 Lives Rescue
    Safe Place Colorado Pet Rescue
    Mill Dog Rescue Network
    Black Dog Animal Rescue Inc

    Long Trail Canine Rescue
    Suffolk County Unleashed
    Animals for Life
    CT Dog Rescue
    Northeastern CT Animal Rescue Inc.
    Animals For Life, Inc.
    Flora's Pet Project

    Paws of Tomorrow
    Delaware Puppy Rescue
    Delaware SPCA
    Delaware Animal Aid, Inc

    Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue Inc
    Small Dog Rescue of Central Florida
    Animal Rescue Force of SOuth Florida
    Central Florida Dog Rescue and Rehab
    Li'l Lap Dog Rescue of Central Florida
    Animal Rescue Coalition
    Animal Aid, Inc
    Animal Rescue of North Florida
    Pet Recue, Inc
    Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary
    Phoenix Animal Rescue of Gainesville FL
    UnderDog Rescue of Florida

    Pet Orphans
    Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption
    FurKids Animal Rescue in Atlanta
    Georgia ANimal Rescueand Defence
    Second Chance Animal Rescue & Adoptions
    Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society
    Dog Pack Rescue, Inc.
    West Georgia Pet Rescue
    Mostly Mutts
    Jennifer's Pet Rescue, Inc
    Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia

    McPaws Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group
    Payette Partners Rescue Ranch
    Fuzzy Pawz Rescue

    The Buddy Foundation
    Chicago Canine Rescue
    DuPage County Animal Care & Control
    C.A.R.E. for the Evanston Animal Shelter
    Friends of DuPage County Animal Care and Control
    Heartland Animal Shelter
    Illinois Animal Rescue
    Lake Shore Animal Shelter
    Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment-ADOPT
    American Animal Rescue Society
    Chicago Animal Care and Control
    Animal House Shelter
    Anderson Animal Shelter
    Anti-Cruelty Society
    ARFhouse Chicago
    Illinois Animal Rescue
    Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue
    Western Illinois Animal Rescue
    C.A.R.E. for the Evanston Animal Shelter
    Tails Humane Society

    Every Dog Counts Rescue
    Heaven Can Wait Inc. Evansville, IN
    Gracie's HEART of Gold
    Dirty Paws All Breed Rescue
    Pet Jamboree
    Skinny Little Buddys Rescue
    Smaller Paws and Poms (Small dogs)
    Indiana Petite Paws Rescue Angels, Inc
    Warrick Humane Society
    Martin County Humane Society

    Iowa County Humane Society
    Animal Rescue League of Iowa

    Kansas K9RESQ
    Pals Animal Rescue
    LL Dog Rescue
    Furry Kids' Refuge
    Olive's Hope Pet Rescue
    K-9 Karma Animal Advocates Inc

    Animal Rescue Connection
    Home At Last Sanctuary
    East Kentucky Rescue
    Holly's Place Animal Rescue
    LBL Animal Rescue
    West Kentucky Rescue
    Angel Ridge Animal Rescue
    Hilltop Haven Animal Rescue
    Barktown Rescue

    Tangi Adopt A Rescue

    Long Trail Canine Rescue
    Almost Home Rescue of Maine
    Another Chance Animal Rescue
    The Ark For Pets
    Butterflys Animal Rescue

    Paws of Tomorrow
    Animal Rescue, Inc.
    Pet Rescue of Maryland
    Pet Rescue Of Maryland
    Rude Ranch Animal Rescue

    Long Trail Canine Rescue
    Massachusetts Animal Coalition
    Boston Dog Rescue
    Second Chance Animal Shelter, Inc
    Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley
    All Dog Rescue
    Milton Animal League

    Top Dog Animal Rescue
    Last Chance Rescue
    Methner's Second Chance Rescue
    Animal Rescue Connection
    Skinny Little Buddys Rescue
    Animal Kingdom Rescue
    Michigan Animal Rescue League
    Heart of Michigan Animal Rescue
    Kalamazoo Animal Rescue
    Michigan All Pet Rescue
    Take My Paw Rescue

    Homeward Bound Dog Rescue
    Pet Haven, Inc.
    Animal Ark
    St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue
    Underdog REscue of Minnesota
    Small Dog Rescue
    Last Hope, Inc
    Southwest Metro Animal Rescue

    Mississippi Animal Rescue League
    East Mississippi Animal Rescue
    Animal Rescue Fund
    Southwest Mississippi ANimal League & Rescue

    Willow Springs Animal Rescue
    Caseys Habit
    Furry Kids' Refuge
    Foxwood Animal Rescue
    Castaway Animal Rescue Effort
    Humane Society of Missouri
    Caolition for Animal Rescue and Education
    M'Shoogy's Emergency Animal Rescue

    Montana Animal Rescue League
    Senior Dog House and Rescue

    Nebraska Rescue Council
    Nebraska Animal Rescue
    Lavender Hill Animal Rescue
    Black Dog Animal Rescue Inc

    Nevada Humane Society
    Nevada SPCA
    New Dawn Dog Rescue

    New Hampshire
    Long Trail Canine Rescue
    Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire
    Salem Animal Rescue League
    Manchester Animal Shelter

    New Jersey
    Suffolk County Unleashed
    NJ Puppy Rescue
    Northwest New Jersey Small Dog Rescue
    Pet Rescue of Mercer
    Little Egg Harbor Animal Rescue
    Triboro Animal Welfare
    Barks, Inc.
    Morris Animal Refuge

    New Mexico
    Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico
    Homeless Animal Rescue Team
    San Felipe Animal Rescue
    4 Corners All Breed Rescue

    New York
    Suffolk County Unleashed
    Animal Welfare Adoption Network
    Animal care & Control of New York City
    Little Shelter Animal Rescue
    Animal Haven
    Homeward Bound
    City Critters
    Long Island Animal Shelter

    North Carolina
    Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc
    Second Chance Pet Adoptions
    Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption
    Best Buddies COmpanion Rescue and Adoption
    Paw's Place
    Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation
    Rainbow Rescue North Carolina
    Tri COunty Animal Rescue
    Canine Hope Animal Rescue
    A New Leash on Life Dog Rescue
    My Dog House Rescue

    North Dakota
    4 Luv of Dogs Rescue

    New Beginnings Animal Shelter
    Last Chance Rescue
    Skinny Little Buddys Rescue
    Stop The Suffering
    Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio
    Ryan's Dog Rescue
    Montgomery County Ohio Animal Resource Center
    Give Me Paw
    Old Mason Animal Rescue
    A.D.O.P.T. Pet Rescue
    Fido's Companion Rescue, Inc.
    Save Ohio Strays

    PA.Caring for K9's
    Paws of Tomorrow
    Animal Rescue Inc.
    ARF Sepa
    Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
    Main Line Animal Rescue
    Morris Animal Refuge
    The Animal Rescue League of Berks County Inc.
    Happy Dog Rescue
    Hillside SPCA
    Main Line Animal Rescue

    South Carolina
    Sndance Mountain Stables Animal Rescue
    My Dog House Rescue

    South Dakota
    Forever Friends Rescue

    Happy Tales Humane Animal Shelter
    GRReat Dog Rescue
    Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee
    West TN Animal Rescue
    St. Francis Animal Rescue, Inc
    Rock 'N' Acres Animal Rescue
    C.A.R.E. Covington Animal Rescue Effort
    Safe Place for Animals

    DFW Pup Patrol
    Ready 2 Rescue
    Zeke Fund
    Andrews Rescue and Foster Care (Small Dogs Only)
    Charlyne's Pound Puppies
    South Texas Animal Adoption Resource
    Animal Rescue League
    Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch
    Fuzzy Friends Animal Rescue
    City Pet Rescue
    Humane Animal Rescue Team
    WAG Rescue

    Black Dog Rescue Project (black dogs only) Vermont
    Long Trail Canine Rescue

    Paws of Tomorrow
    Animal Rescue Connection
    SPCA of Northern Virginia
    Homeless Animal Rescue Team
    Animal Rescue of Tidewater
    A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation
    Friends of Homeless Animals
    Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
    Fuzzy Pawz Rescue

    West Virginia
    Animal Rescue Connection

    Black Dog Animal Rescue Inc

    Shannon's Companions
    National Dog Rescue Connection
    Lil' Paws Rescue Small Breeds Only
    Terrier Rescue

    Adopt an Animal Canada
    Senior Canine Rescue Society

    Directory of animal rescue web sites. Pets and wildlife. Homes wanted.
    Hoosier Hooves and Hounds

    Best Friends Rescue
    Animal Refuge

    Find Rescues

    By Country