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Kerry Beagle Information

The Kerry Beagle originated in Ireland in the 1500's. Although the ancestry is obscure, it is thought the breed descended from a larger deer-hunting hound. Its appearance also suggests that its development could have involved the Bloodhound.

The Kerry Beagle is mostly black and tan in coloration, although mottled and tricolor forms are not unknown. The Kerry Beagle is a substantially larger animal than the Beagle. This dashing hound is close coated, has a deep muzzle and medium length, unfolded ears. The Kerry Beagle is essentially a pack dog, and unrecognized as a true breed, even in Ireland.

Beagle is mainly used for hunting small game and fowl. They should be between 22-26 inches tall and weigh 45-60 pounds. Another name for the Kerry Beagle is the Pocadan.

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