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I'd heard about Comfortis for awhile now, but was hesitant to try it. I worried if it was safe and if it actually worked as well as the advertisements said it did.

I had to take one of my dogs to the vet for another issue, and while there I asked the vet about Comfortis. He explained that it was safe and that he had prescribed it for many clients and had gotten no complaints and hadn't seen any bad reactions from it. So, I purchased two boxes of Comfortis.

My main shock, was the price. I had to buy 2 boxes since I have dogs who are in different weight ranges- The box for 10-20 pound dogs was $75, the box for 21-40 pound dogs was $90. Each box contained six doses. After I had already paid $165 for this stuff I came home and looked on the internet, and found that I could have saved $25 just for buying it online. The products you see advertised on the right side of this page are the ones I should have bought rather than from my vet.

The directions said that it should be given with a meal. Well, it was 10 am and my dogs usually don't eat until late afternoon, but they were scratching and licking themselves and I wanted to put a stop to this. So, I fed them early, and gave them the Comfortis.

About 40 minutes later I was sitting on the couch with one of my dogs laying in my lap on his back (his preferred style of sleep). I was rubbing his belly and spotted 3 fleas- I picked 2 of them off of him easily- it was like the fleas were drunk and had no clue that I was going to kill them as soon as I caught them- by the time I grabbed the third flea, it was already dead.

A few hours later, one of my dogs acted like she was going to vomit, however nothing ever came up. Vomiting is one of the side effects of Comfortis, but none of them actually vomited and the one dog was the only one who acted as if she was going to.

It is now about 27 hours after I gave my 5 dogs Comfortis, and none of them are scratching themselves at all. I have searched them for fleas several times, and have not found one live flea. So, as of this moment, I'm a firm believer that Comfortis works well. I really didn't like the thought of topical flea products since my dogs sleep on my couch and on my bed and I didn't want that stuff all over the place, but with Comfortis, that isn't an issue at all.