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Dog / Cat Freebies

Though we try to keep this list updated, some freebies may not currently be available. If you know of a freebie that you think should be listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Free Dog (and Cat)Food

Sign up and get exclusive offers and 2 FREE cans of Spot's Stew.
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Adopt a dog from the shelter and get a free MONTH of dog food from Pedigree!
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Coupon to save $1.00 off of four cans of Alpo dog food.
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Flint River Ranch Pet Food
Shipping fee of $1.00 per sample (maximum 2 samples) of dog or cat food.
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Purina Puppy Chow
Sign up for their puppy healthy start program and receive a $2 coupon towards Purina Puppy Chow puppy food,
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Pedigree Dog Food
$1.00 off coupon on the purchase of 1 bag of Pedigree dry dog food.
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$4 coupon off of Eukanumba kitten food
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Free sample of Rachel Rays dog food, Nutrish. Just fill out the form and it'll be yours!
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Whites Premium Dog Food
Free sample of Whites Premium Dog food- just fill out the form.
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Free sample of Cesar dog food- just fill out the form!
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Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffallo is offering a free info pack with a $3 coupon off of cat food or a $5 coupon off of dog food.
Get This Freebie (Cat Food)
Get This Freebie (Dog Food)


Fill out a simple form to get a FREE sample of Riddick's Ridiculously Natural dog treats.
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Pet 'n Shape
Fill out a form to get a free sample of a low calorie dog treat.
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Register with them and you'll get a $1 off coupon
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Benny's Bullys
Simply fill out the form and you'll be sent some dog treat samples for your dog!
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Other Freebies

Bring Fido
Bring Fido will give you free stuff for your dogs! Simply fill out the form and get some freebies, or book a hotel reservation at one of their dog friendly hotels and get even more free stuff!
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Fill out a form and get a FREE dog tag.
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Purina Pro Club
Members of Purina Pro Club (free to join) may order free Puppy Starter Kits to send home with owners of new puppies. These kits contain a comprehensive puppy care guide, health record, Purina brand puppy food coupon, puppy food sample bags, and space for breed-specific information, photos and pedigree.
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