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Beagle: Breeders |  Clubs | Profile  | Rescue  | Clothing  | Gifts  | Calendars |  Free Beagle Pictures


In 1870 in the United States, Beagles were more like straight legged Basset Hounds or Dachshunds. They were mostly white with a few dark markings and said to be tireless hunters, however not much to look at.

The "American-Strain" of Beagles changed with importations of Beagles from England by General Richard Rowett. These importations changed the breed, and added the beauty to the Beagle that we know today.

In 1888 the National Beagle Club was formed and began holding field trials. Packs of Beagles were run in single classes for hounds 13-15 inches in height as well as classes for dogs under 13 inches. Both sizes of Beagles can come from the same litter.

In addition to the all breed AKC conformation shows, almost all field-trial clubs conduct specialty shows in connection with their field trials.
Beagles are very sweet and gentle dogs, however tend to be very stubborn. Training them takes a great deal of time, patience, and consistency.

They have a very loud baying cry that they will let out whenever they are bored or excited. They can be very destructive if left alone especially at a young age. Many Beagle owners use doggy day care for their young Beagles while they work in order to prevent destruction in their homes.

Beagles should never be trusted off lead as they will take off if they spot a squirrel, rabbit or other similar creature. They will not listen to your calls while in pursuit, so never allow your Beagle off lead unless in a confined area. Beagles are hounds, and will act like a hound- so trusting them to stay in the yard is usually not an option.

Health concerns with the Beagle include elongated soft palate which can cause breathing problems, megaesophagus which can cause regurgitation of undigested food since the esophagus muscles fail to force swallowed food to the stomach. They are also prone to benign growths in the perianal area that may hemorrhage.

Other concerns are cancer, thyroid problems, pulmonic stenosis, eye problems such as glaucoma, epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, heart disease, and allergies. The Beagle is also prone to chronic ear infections so the ears should be checked weekly to make sure the ears don't have a waxy build up or infection.

As with any breed, it is important to locate a breeder who tests their dogs for health concerns prior to breeding. This will help assure that your Beagle will not be likely to have the health issues mentioned above.

Many Beagles tend to get odd looking growths on their skin in their older years. They are usually pink, and can look sort of like cauliflower textured. Usually these are nothing to worry about however you should have your vet check it and keep note of it's size to watch for further growth. Usually if it doesn't get large or it's not a problem for the dog (he's not scratching at it, etc) they are not removed. This is not a problem with only Beagles, many breeds get these when they are in their senior years.

For those who aren't sure what a Beagles bark can be like, please watch this video-
This dog was outside for a walk and had finished her 'business'- she was not alone- had 2 people as well as a dog she lived with and she still insisted on barking- for no apparent reason at all.

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